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Smart Hands Services

Our certified and highly skilled engineers will support you foryour Smart Hands Services. Our Smart hands are just one callaway from our partners to support globally and round the clock

Our Highly Skilled Team of Smart Hands

Our partnership will give you access to our global team of certified and skilled engineers across the globe. We will provide you expert smart hands resources to work with your remote team to troubleshoot and resolve the problem as per your requirement. We will provide you 24/7, 365-day on-site IT support. We can support you in 150+ countries to provide resources. We have our storage locations in most of the main cities and can provide the OEM vendors parts locally. All our engineers are directly on-boarded with us, so there would not be any third party involved in our business. Our engineers would have required skills, certifications as per vendors specifications.


IMAC Services

Tech Domain provides IMAC service related to your datacenter and office. Whether you need to relocate your datacenter, rack & stack hardware installation in any exchange, or need to replace a faulty card during your maintenance window, our team of experts will help you implement the solution as per your plan. We can provide support for Installation of new equipment, the secure and safe move of equipment – whether that be a full datacenter move or an office relocation, Additions or upgrades to existing infrastructure, Changes to existing networks and rollouts of new equipment, Deployments and Rack & Stack requirements.

ITAD Services

Our highly skilled engineers can help our partners with destruction and disposal of assets in compliance with WEEE regulations. Tech Domain can assist in Environment friendly disposal –licensed with the Environment Agency WEEE Directive. Safe and secure de racking of equipment. Magnetic Disk Destruction –onsite or offsite with full certificates of destruction provided. The removal of unwanted equipment offsite.

Retail Maintenance Services

In today’s world a simple loss of connectivity means lost sales and customers. Tech Domain’s technical team minimizes downtime to keep our customers operational. When required, Tech Domain’s onsite engineers are available on demand to ensure exceptional customer experience. We can support for fast dispatch and fix times to minimize EPOS downtime. EPOS installations& upgrade projects. Ongoing maintenance on an SLA to suit your client. The supply of replacement parts when needed.

“Are you looking for long term contractual resources for your projects?”

We can provide technically expert resources are per your requirements globally.